Budget Putting Sets

Basic putting sets are designed to provide a straightforward and enjoyable putting experience without any unnecessary frills. They are ideal for offices that want to introduce a recreational activity without investing too much in equipment or taking up significant space. The typical components of a basic putting set include:

  • A putting mat: The foundation of any putting set, this mat usually features a smooth, artificial grass-like surface that simulates a golf green. Most basic putting mats come with a built-in hole or target area for players to aim their putts.
  • Golf balls: The number of golf balls included in a basic putting set can vary, but usually ranges from three to six. These balls may be regulation size and weight or lightweight versions designed for indoor use.
  • Ball return system (optional): Some basic putting sets come with a simple ball return mechanism that automatically sends the ball back to the player after a successful putt. This feature can save time and make the putting experience more efficient and enjoyable. If the carpet in an office or other room is smooth enough, you may ONLY need the automatic return feature.

Price Range

Basic putting sets are the most affordable option for offices looking to incorporate a recreational activity without breaking the bank. The price range for basic putting sets typically falls between $20 and $50, depending on the quality of the components and any additional features. Keep in mind that, while lower-priced sets may be tempting, it is essential to consider the durability and overall quality of the materials, as well as the satisfaction of the users, when making a decision.

Here are our two recommended favorite budget putting sets:

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Deluxe (Mid-Priced) Putting Sets

Deluxe putting sets are designed to offer a more advanced and immersive putting experience, with added features and higher-quality components. They are well-suited for offices that wish to invest in a more sophisticated recreational option for employees who are passionate about golf or enjoy a more polished playing experience. The components of a deluxe putting set typically include:

  • A premium putting mat: Deluxe putting mats often feature a more realistic and higher-quality surface, simulating the feel of a real golf green. Some of the budget mats may be so course that the roll on the mats only matches the SLOWEST of real golf courses, and are designed more for fun that improving one’s game. They may also include multiple target areas or holes, as well as elevation changes and contours to provide a more challenging and varied putting experience.
  • Golf balls: There are usually no golf balls included in these sets since users are most likely trying to improve on their game, not just putt for fun (or a combination of the two).
  • Ball return system: Most deluxe putting sets feature a more advanced ball return system, which not only returns the ball to the player after a successful putt but may also include mechanisms for collecting and storing multiple balls, making the playing experience even more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Additional accessories: Deluxe putting sets may include extra features and accessories, such as alignment aids, distance markers, or even electronic scorekeepers, to enhance the overall putting experience and provide players with valuable feedback on their performance.

Price Range

Deluxe putting sets are a more significant investment compared to basic sets, but they offer a higher-quality and more immersive playing experience. The price range for deluxe putting sets typically falls between $50 and $100, depending on the quality of the components, the complexity of the putting mat, and the inclusion of additional features and accessories. When considering a deluxe putting set, it is essential to balance the cost with the expected level of usage and the preferences of the employees who will be using the set.

Here are three of our favorites in this category:

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Advanced Putting Sets

Advanced putting sets are designed for offices that want to take their recreational offerings to the next level, integrating advanced technology and interactive features to create a truly engaging and immersive experience. These sets are perfect for companies with a focus on innovation or for employees who are particularly tech-savvy. The components of a high-tech putting set typically include:

  • Better material used for the green: So often a great looking putting set doesn’t actually feel like a real green. In this level of putting set, you’re getting the best of both worlds: feedback AND performance.
  • Interactive putting mat: High-tech putting mats often incorporate smart sensors and other technology to provide real-time feedback on the player’s putting performance. These mats may connect to a computer, smartphone, or tablet, allowing users to access detailed data on their shot accuracy, speed, and trajectory.
  • Advanced putters: High-tech putting sets may come with putters equipped with sensors or other technology that provide additional insights into the player’s swing, grip, or alignment. These data points can help players refine their technique and improve their overall putting skills. If you like these mats, you probably also like to add a line to your golf ball while playing.
  • Training and analytics tools: High-tech putting sets often include software or apps that provide in-depth analysis of the player’s performance, including personalized tips and recommendations for improvement. These tools can help players refine their skills and track their progress over time. If you’re truly looking to improve your game long term, consider also looking at our reviews of the best golf books for putting.
  • Better look and feel: If this putting green will truly be in your office or other professional environment, the wood finish, high quality material, and other finishing touches really do matter. In the case of something like the BOBURN putting green, it looks like a tiny golf course with three different holes to putt to! This could also be perfect to use at a trade show, indoor golf facility, or bigger event to show a classy, professional feeling green. If going this route, also consider which putting green golf flags you use for your show.
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Price Range

These high tech putting sets can vary widely in price depending on the technology and components you’re purchase. But expect to pay $100 – $300 for a putting set on the higher end. These types of sets are usually purchased by those wishing to improve their putting, not just be able to putt in the office.

FUN Putting Sets (and Games)

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