Putting is an essential aspect of golf, and improving your putting skills can significantly impact your overall game. However, practicing putting can sometimes feel monotonous and repetitive. To keep things engaging and enjoyable, consider incorporating fun and challenging putting games into your practice routine. In this article, we’ll explore pong-style putting games that can enhance your skills while providing a great time on the green.

Pong-Style Putting Games: A Fresh Twist on a Classic

Pong-style putting games are inspired by the popular party game, beer pong, which involves throwing ping-pong balls into cups arranged on a table. By incorporating elements of this game into your putting practice, you can add an element of excitement and friendly competition to your sessions. Here are some pong-style putting games to try:

Golf Pong

Golf pong is a straightforward adaptation of beer pong, with golf balls and putting replacing the ping-pong balls and throwing. To set up this game, arrange a series of plastic cups in a triangular formation at varying distances from the putting area. The objective is to putt the golf ball into the cups, with each successful shot earning points. Players can compete against each other, aiming to accumulate the most points or clear the cups in the least number of strokes.

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Target Pong

In target pong, players aim to putt their golf balls onto target zones or circles drawn on the putting green or mat. These zones can be assigned different point values, with more difficult or distant targets having higher point values. Players take turns putting and attempt to accumulate the highest score within a set number of turns or strokes.

Pong Relay

Pong relay is a team-based game that involves players working together to clear cups or hit targets in the fastest time possible. Each player takes turns putting, and once they successfully sink a ball into a cup or hit a target, the next player on their team takes a turn. The game continues until all cups or targets are cleared, with the fastest team declared the winner.

Knockout Pong

Knockout pong is a competitive, elimination-style game where players take turns putting to clear cups or hit targets. The player who fails to sink a ball or hit a target during their turn is eliminated from the game. The game continues until only one player remains, earning the title of Knockout Pong champion.

Tips for a Successful Pong-Style Putting Game

  1. Keep it friendly: While friendly competition can be enjoyable, remember that the primary goal is to have fun and improve your putting skills. Encourage and support your fellow players, and keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable.
  2. Vary the difficulty: To keep the game engaging and challenging, vary the distances and difficulty levels of the targets or cups. This will ensure that players of all skill levels can participate and experience success.
  3. Track your progress: Use these pong-style games as a way to track your progress and improvement in putting. Set personal goals or benchmarks, and strive to surpass them in subsequent practice sessions.

Which Balls to Use for Putting Games:

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Pong-style putting games offer a fun and engaging way to improve your putting skills while enjoying time with friends or fellow golfers. By incorporating these games into your practice routine, you can keep your sessions enjoyable, challenging, and productive. So grab your putter, gather some friends, and give these pong-style putting games a try!

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