Talking to GOATs is a memoir by Jim Gray, one of the most respected sports journalists in America, where he shares his experiences of interviewing some of the greatest athletes of all time. Gray’s book is divided into several chapters, each of which revolves around a conversation he had with one of the greatest athletes of all time, or “GOATs.” These GOATs include Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and more.

Gray began his career as a sportscaster in the late 1970s, and since then he has covered some of the most significant sporting events in history. Over the years, Gray has developed a reputation as a hard-hitting interviewer, and he has conducted interviews with some of the most controversial and polarizing figures in sports.

One of the main themes of the book is the nature of greatness. Gray explores what it takes to be a GOAT, and he tries to uncover the secrets behind the success of these iconic athletes. Through his conversations with the likes of Ali, Jordan, and Bryant, Gray identifies several key traits that all GOATs share. These include an unrelenting drive to succeed, a willingness to take risks, and an ability to learn from failures and setbacks.

Another theme of the book is the role of sports in society. Gray believes that sports can be a powerful force for good, and he argues that sports can be a unifying force that brings people together. He uses examples from his interviews with athletes such as Ali, who used his platform to advocate for social justice, and Brady, who used his platform to raise awareness about concussions in football.

Throughout the book, Gray shares many fascinating anecdotes from his interviews with these iconic athletes. He shares how he managed to get Ali to open up about his career and his personal life, how he challenged Jordan about his perceived lack of political activism, and how he tried to get Bryant to talk about his complicated relationship with Shaquille O’Neal.

Perhaps the most poignant chapter of the book is the one dedicated to Kobe Bryant. Gray shares how he interviewed Bryant just a few months before his tragic death in a helicopter crash in 2020. Gray and Bryant had known each other for years, and they had developed a close relationship. In the chapter, Gray shares some of the most insightful and revealing moments from his conversations with Bryant, and he reflects on what made him such a unique and iconic figure in sports.

Overall, Talking to GOATs is an excellent book that provides readers with a fascinating look into the minds of some of the greatest athletes of all time. Gray’s writing is engaging and insightful, and he provides readers with a unique perspective on what it takes to be a GOAT. The book is a must-read for anyone who loves sports and wants to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a true legend.

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