Hey there, golf enthusiast! If you’re looking to up your putting game and want to know which golf balls will give you the edge on the greens, you’ve come to the right place. In this no-nonsense guide, we’ll dive into the world of golf balls and uncover the top contenders that’ll help you sink putts like a pro. Let’s get started!

What Makes a Golf Ball Great for Putting?

Before we start talking brands, it’s essential to understand what makes a golf ball suitable for putting. Some critical factors include:

  1. Soft Feel: A softer golf ball provides better feel and control on the greens, allowing you to gauge the speed and break of your putts more accurately.
  2. Consistent Roll: A golf ball that rolls consistently on the putting surface will help you achieve better accuracy and predictability.
  3. Alignment Aids: Some golf balls come with built-in alignment aids that make lining up your putts a breeze.

Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s dive into some of the best golf balls for putting.

Top Golf Balls for Putting

  1. Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1 has long been a favorite among golfers of all skill levels, and for a good reason. This ball offers a soft feel, exceptional greenside control, and consistent roll. The Pro V1’s urethane elastomer cover provides the perfect blend of durability and performance, making it an excellent choice for players looking to improve their putting game.

  1. Callaway Chrome Soft

The Callaway Chrome Soft is another standout option for those seeking superior putting performance. This ball features a soft urethane cover and a dual SoftFast core that delivers both distance and control. The Chrome Soft’s HEX Aerodynamics and low compression contribute to a consistent and predictable roll, which is vital for sinking those tricky putts.

  1. TaylorMade TP5

The TaylorMade TP5 is a five-layer golf ball that boasts a soft feel and excellent greenside control. Its unique Tri-Fast core and dual-spin cover work together to provide the ideal combination of distance, spin, and feel. The TP5’s urethane cover also offers excellent durability, ensuring that it can withstand plenty of time on the putting green.

  1. Srixon Z-Star

The Srixon Z-Star is a premium golf ball designed to provide a soft feel and exceptional greenside control. Its advanced urethane cover and Energetic Gradient Growth (EGG) core work together to deliver consistent roll and impressive spin control. With its 338 Speed Dimple pattern, the Z-Star is built for performance on the putting green.

  1. Bridgestone Tour B RX

The Bridgestone Tour B RX is another top contender for players looking to improve their putting game. This golf ball features a soft urethane cover and a unique Gradational Compression core that provides a soft feel and consistent roll. Its 338 Dual Dimple pattern also helps reduce drag and increase lift, resulting in a more predictable and accurate putting performance.

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Finding the Perfect Golf Ball for You

Now that we’ve covered some of the best golf balls for putting, it’s essential to find the one that works best for your unique game. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Test them out: While reading about golf balls can give you an idea of what to expect, there’s no substitute for trying them out yourself. Head to your local golf store or course and give each ball a try on the putting green.
  2. Consider your skill level: Some golf balls are better suited for specific skill levels. For example, the Titleist Pro V1 might be a better fit for low-handicap players, while the Callaway Chrome Soft might be more forgiving for high-handicap golfers. Keep your skill level in mind when selecting a golf ball.
  3. Think about your preferences: Each golfer has their preferences when it comes to feel, control, and performance. Consider what aspects of a golf ball are most important to you and choose a ball that aligns with those preferences.
  4. If you’re considering a full outfit of your putting green, carefully consider the golf flags used on your putting green as well. There are so many options, including classic, tournament style, and more!

Making the Most of Your Golf Ball on the Putting Green

Now that you’ve got the perfect golf ball for putting, let’s talk about some tips and tricks to make the most of your new ball on the green:

  • Focus on your pre-shot routine: Consistency is key when it comes to putting. Develop a pre-shot routine that works for you and stick to it. This can help you feel more confident and focused when it’s time to sink that crucial putt.
  • Practice, practice, practice: As with any aspect of golf, practice is essential for improvement. Spend time on the putting green, working on various drills and scenarios to build your skills and confidence with your chosen golf ball. Check out our buying guide for putting mats to look at some of the best. Compare price, performance, specs, and more
  • Don’t forget about alignment: A great golf ball can only do so much if your alignment is off. Pay close attention to your stance, grip, and clubface alignment to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success on the green.
  • Mark Your Golf Ball correctly: Check out our guide on how and when to mark your ball during a round


There you have it, fellas – a straight-to-the-point guide on the best golf balls for putting. By choosing the right golf ball and putting in the time and effort to hone your skills, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a putting master. Remember, the key is to find the perfect golf ball that suits your unique preferences and skill level. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your putter, head to the green, and start sinking those putts like a pro!