The Ben Hogan Company was founded by legendary golfer Ben Hogan in 1953 and produced a range of high-quality golf clubs, including irons, until the company ceased operations in the 1970s. The company was then resurrected by Terry Koehler in 2015, and has since released a few sets of irons. Here is a list of the irons released under the Ben Hogan Company:

  1. Ben Hogan Apex Irons (1972-2003)
  2. Ben Hogan Apex Plus Irons (1988-2003)
  3. Ben Hogan Edge Irons (1999-2003)
  4. Ben Hogan Apex Pro Irons (2016)
  5. Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 Irons (2015)
  6. Ben Hogan PTx Irons (2016)
  7. Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black Irons (2018)
  8. Ben Hogan Edge Irons (2021)

The original Ben Hogan Apex Irons were first introduced in 1972 and became known for their sleek design and feel. They were used by many top golfers of the era, including Ben Hogan himself, and remained in production for over three decades. The Ben Hogan Apex Plus Irons were introduced in 1988 and were an updated version of the original Apex Irons, offering enhanced forgiveness and playability.

The Ben Hogan Edge Irons were introduced in 1999 and were designed to be game-improvement irons that still maintained the classic look and feel of Ben Hogan clubs. They were made using a unique forging process that allowed for greater control over the distribution of weight and mass in the clubhead.

In 2016, the modern Ben Hogan Company introduced the Ben Hogan Apex Pro Irons, which were designed for better players looking for enhanced control and precision. The Ft. Worth 15 Irons were also introduced in 2015 and were designed to offer players a classic blade-style iron with modern performance features. The PTx Irons were released the same year and featured a progressive design that blended the look and feel of a player’s iron with the forgiveness of a game-improvement iron.

The Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black Irons were released in 2018 and offered the same classic look and feel as the original Ft. Worth 15 Irons, but with a sleek black finish. The most recent release from the Ben Hogan Company is the Edge Irons, which were introduced in 2021 and feature a progressive design that offers greater forgiveness in the long irons and more precision in the short irons.

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